Advantage Glass Block

For over 38 years, AGB has specialized only in glass blocks, so we have the expertise to help you with the planning and execution of your project. Our sales representative will be happy to walk you through the blocks that we carry and help advise what may work best for your project.

Advantage Glass Block carries the country's largest line of Seves Glass Block. Glass block construction creates unique environments by transmitting, refracting or reflecting light as the needs of the client dictate, providing privacy and security while allowing up to 80% warm radiant light transmission. You can read more about the benefits of Glass Blocks.

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Seves Glass Block

Our products are supplied by Seves Glass Block, which are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Known for its long history of excellence in glassmaking, Seves offer world-class products that cannot be compared with any other glass blocks.

Project Resources

For any and all information on the Seves line of Glass Block products for specifications, installations, and certifications, check out the Resources section on the Seves website.

Seves Glass Block Installation Videos

Here are a few helpful, instructional videos, demonstrating the various methods and techniques for a successful Seves Glass Block installation.

Silicone Installation

Mortar Installation

Find the block for your project

Choose from our current two most popular styles of glass blocks, or we can work with you to special order any Seves glass block for your project.

Light & Privacy

Nubio Wave

The very popular wavy glass pattern transmits maximum light while maintaining moderate privacy.

Made of 100% real glass, these blocks help reduce outside noise making your living and working spaces quieter.

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Privacy & Light

Iceberg Cortina

The subtle crackled glass look of the iceberg glass block pattern transmits moderate light with a high degree of privacy.

These glass blocks are great for interior and exterior projects such as windows, shower and bath enclosures, walls, room dividers, landings, railings, kitchens, entry ways and much more.

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More Patterns & Styles

With hundreds of blocks to choose from, we can work with you to find all the patterns, styles, features, and sizes to make your project a reality.

Our most popular blocks are kept in stock, but we can special order anything your project requires.

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Benefits of Glass Block

Learn more about the performance and design capabilities of glass block and why it is the best choice for your architectural design or remodeling project.

Beauty & Versatility

Extremely versatile, glass block gives designers, architects, and consumers the ability to transform ordinary spaces into places of light, color, and texture.

Visibility/Light Transmission

Our Glass block provides a dynamic relationship with light, both natural and artificial, creating exceptional visibility in compliance with ADA guidelines for enclosed areas.

Privacy & Security

Various patterns and finishes of Glass Block can allow you to choose a level of privacy and security for your project or application, not typically available with standard glass solutions.

Energy Efficiency

Our Glass Block provides a U-Value of .19 for energy savings, operating at 60% better than industry standard and exceeds energy requirements for window applications in North America.

Sound Resistance

Walls and windows build using Glass Block are a preferred material to reduce sound transmission, with the additional benefit of creating a beautiful and unique design element.

Fire Resistant

Any application has the considerations of fire safety and with the Glass Block inherent fire-resistant property your project will conform to code requirements.

Graffiti & Vandal Resistant

As the surface of the Glass Block is resilient to abuse from paints, markers, and stickers, you'll never worry about graffiti on your commercial buildings, schools, and other public structures' exterior again.

Easy Installation

The Glass Block solution is made easy with two installation options: standard installation with mortar and Provantage® mortarless installation, and the purchase of prefabricated panels or windows.


Sustainable building materials play a critical role in an environmentally friendly project. Our Glass Block are made largely from sand and limestone; 100% recyclable and highly durable materials that have low construction waste.

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